WHat is Trade finance?

Trade Finance represents the financial instruments and products used by companies to facilitate domestic and international trade.

Trade Finance also stands out as the term that encompasses many financial products that banks and companies work to enable as commercial transactions.


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Export and Import: your payments and receipts from abroad simplified.

Letter of Credit - Import

We issue an importer's Letter of Credit in favor of the exporter, thus offering an international guarantee so that their import conditions are ensured.

Letter of Credit - Export

Export and Import: your payments and receipts from abroad simplified.

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Marvel offers versatility in commercial finance services to help its clients finance their growth in agribusiness, industry and commerce. For that there is the strategy of analyzing your financial and commercial needs.

Whatever your need, you can be confident that Marvel has the most flexible commercial financing options, structured to meet all your specific needs.

LC or Letter of Credit is the contracting of guarantee for the provision of services abroad, generating participation in international competitions, covering financial or commercial transactions and securing the result of your company’s business.

SBLC or Stand-By Letter of Credit is a bank guarantee produced by a bank that promotes guaranteeing payment obligations of a company together with companies abroad arising from commercial or financial contracts.

A Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) or Letter of Credit at sight (LC at sight) is characterized as a financial instrument generated by commercial banks or financial institutions that, through a SWIFT MT700 message, the seller / exporter receives payment of the buyer/importer. With this, the terms specified in the DLC are fully met.


With the financing of foreign currency for the Brazilian import of goods or services, it allows the supplier to receive payment within the agreed term referring to the goods abroad, and with this the Brazilian importer extends the term for payment.


Marvel Trade Finance works with the modality of financing exports in national currency or indexed to exchange variation. Non-mandatory IOF is intended for exporters and companies inserted in the export production chain.


Forfaiting is the discounting of trade receivables on a without-recourse basis.


Financing that works in a versatile and agile way for the pre-shipment of goods abroad. We work with the advance of funds in national currency corresponding to the value of the operation in foreign currency, and on the date of contracting the export exchange.

Smart and complete financing for post-shipment. Like the ACC, you can advance your funds in local currency, corresponding to the value of the operation in foreign currency, on the date of contracting the export exchange. Emphasizing that the settlement of the operation occurs after the shipment of the goods abroad

We at Marvel provide long-term financing in foreign currency and anticipate the exporter’s export resources prior to the shipment of the goods, to facilitate the production, storage and marketing of products.



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