What is ADVISER?

Marvel Adviser is the financial aid that helps you devise strategies to eliminate financial risks and project long-term wealth. Such a strategy provides a game plan that puts you on the right path to achieving those financial goals. With Marvel Financial Advisors the opportunity does not come in a single package, but in different grades, certifications and financial expertise.

Marvel offers its consultants the opportunity to promote financial solutions in specialized areas for, if not informed, the time or knowledge to carry out transactions. This strategy allows the consultant the ability to provide his client with specialized solutions in the widest areas, from essentials of a more concise and complete management to the most problematic ones.


investment thesis

The Investment Thesis encompasses vertical expansion and is concerned with scaling products and services within an existing market. As far as horizontal expansion is concerned, it is the expansion of products and services to new markets.


Asset shielding

Asset shielding is the protection of the assets of the individual who owns an equity interest, which is carried out with the purpose of preventing the member's personal assets from being affected by the company's debts. It is carried out preventively by the client or individual, and seeks to guarantee assets and rights against future risks.

Advice for litigation

The purpose of litigation advice is individualized planning and provides an efficient result to clients. Thus, an office is able to propose more customized approaches. With this, it is an area responsible for promoting solutions to conflicts that have already been established and that could not or will not be resolved by other methods.

Advice for business expansion, studies and visibility

Efficient strategic planning, smart growth and successful execution are necessary for expanding a business. Marvel consultancy promotes various means of strategy and in-depth studies to obtain the best result for your business. As this is a high level of investment, both in terms of time and resources, it is up to the responsibility, wisdom and dedication of our team to ensure that growth is continuous and stable.


Our financial services assurance practice is designed and built around our core audit delivery. It also covers a wide range of warranty services across different industries. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business and financial accounts, drawing on their experience to provide options and recommendations for management and the board. We continually analyze and improve our customers’ global operations. So remember and get ready to travel and explore business in new places around the world.


Marvel has vast experience in over 40 countries around the world. It is known that together we find new ways of solving problems, carrying out the equations of the most diverse questions, inspiring and motivating customers with smart business ideas and innovative thinking.

Business Plan

It is characterized as a business plan aiming to drive clear strategy orders to an objective, with transparent metrics on what is trying to be achieved along the way. This is all so you know where to focus your own time and energy!


Marvel consultants range from professionals with expertise in specific areas as well as experience in mixed and cross-functional disciplines. Our consultants act as advisors and categorically define specific tasks to promote the solution of a problem or the achievement of a goal for your business.

Transaction Advisory Services

Serving a critical role as part of a team of experts, working with people from diverse disciplines to help clients manage and execute high-profile transactions. Your analytical skills and real-world experience will carry over to many unique situations and problems. Assessing your customers' overall goals and understanding how transactions can influence an organization's success, you will assess and navigate risks, always comparing them to potential rewards and thus aiming for the best outcome.


We study and develop implements that allow customers to manage and configure their needs while managing our financial situation. Apply your technical knowledge and experience to help individual clients meet their tax goals and gain financial support, while enhancing your tax knowledge and experience. Marvel's tax team is world-class and works with a great versatility of high-profile clients.

Core Business Services

Whatever your role as an actor, your intellect, experience and entrepreneurship will be invaluable support to the Marvel team across all financial services. Our services include Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Administrative Support, Marketing, Communications, Knowledge, Business Development and Quality and Risk Management. With this, we will help you find opportunities to advance your career, develop and promote knowledge in new areas and really expand in such a way that the longer you spend here and wherever you take your career in the future, the skills developed here they will remain throughout your life.


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