Why is Roadshow so important?

Roadshow is characterized as a strategic presentation of a securities issuer to potential buyers regarding the qualities of the investments.

The Roadshow is also a series of meetings in different financial cities where the main executives of a company have the opportunity to talk with current or potential investors.

These presentations include the main selling point, accompanied by important graphics that are not in the prospectus and plans for future growth.

How can a roadshow be done?

The Roadshow concept is responsible for generating an abundance of information content, resulting in knowledge for the most diverse places. During the event planning process, it is necessary to precisely define the target audience, so that an assertive itinerary can be drawn, reaching the right people to achieve the desired goals and obtaining the most accurate result possible.

Marvel Roadshow

How does the road show work?

The Roadshow works as an event that aims to create business opportunities through product launches, demonstrations, promotions and sales.

What is non-deal roadshow?

These are meetings with investors where the respective companies are presented, but without having a commitment to carry out the sale.

What is a Road Company?

These are companies that have relationships and partnerships that aim at the mutual development of those involved. Road was created with the idea of ​​generating online promotions for new entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies.


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