To maintain our competitive edge, we recruit professionals with experience from commercial banking and investment funds. Each of these professionals brings with them a wealth of specialized problem solving experience, including an in-depth knowledge of foreign markets as well as extensive multimarket financial skills.

We strive to deliver excellence in what we do, constantly striving to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of the market to achieve our goal of maintaining our position as a leader in providing alternatives in global commercial financing solutions.

Business Methods and Strategy

Working by no wall

Marvel, active in the International Financial Market, has in its portfolio more than 100 financial institutions throughout the world, such as: AIDA ADP, CVI, Standard Chartered, NBD Emirates, NBF, FAB, TABARAK, UBS, RBC, PNC, Ex- Bank, BPI France, BBVA, AIB, Scotiabank, Gonet, Julius Bär, Credit Suisse, Family Offices, among others.

It is known for its excellent performance in the market, carrying out Fundraising, Forfaiting, IPO, Roadshow, M&A and Private Equity operations.

Accrediting Marvel as one of the largest in its field of action.

ABOUT Marvel Forfaiting

Business Methods and Strategy

Marvel Forfaiting (“MF”) specializes in organizing and providing forfaiting and other financial products related to trade. MF has a proven reputation for providing fast, efficient, and personalized financial solutions to importers, exporters and financial institutions and we are dedicated to working with our customers in key markets to provide commercial financing solutions through unparalleled country coverage. The extensive experience of MF forfaiting professionals, together with the Company's global network of offices, guarantees MF customers the highest level of service.

MF has won a number of accolades including that of Best Forfaiting Institution presented by the Trade and Forfaiting Review.


Our corporate clients are export-oriented companies that we support by discounting without recourse up to 100% of the contract value of their foreign trade business. As trade finance specialists, we are able to offer tailor-made forfaiting solutions to help our clients managing their liquidity and hedge counterparty & country risk.

Our mission is not only to be an alternative to banks, but also to offer to our clients solutions that their partner banks cannot offer because too structured and tailor-made or because they imply country risks to Emerging Markets that banks are not prepared to take.

We understand that your commercial negotiations are often very fast moving, and as such we aim to provide you with immediate solutions starting with preliminary evaluations of feasibility for discounting or confirming of a contract.”

If you don’t have immediate need to discount or confirm a contract but you are interested to get in touch with us to discuss business opportunities with our trade finance specialists, please use the “Generic Enquiry” service and we will revert as soon as possible.


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