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prepayment of receivables

The anticipation of receivables is a financial resource that allows the anticipation of the receipt of future amounts. Therefore, receive in advance for sales that were closed in installments, in installments, with checks, duplicates and payment slips. This is all before the customer is billed.

working capital

Working capital is characterized as the difference between available cash resources and the sum of expenses and accounts payable. That is, so that a company can leverage its working capital by selling more of its products. If the unit price of the product is $2,000 and the cost per unit in inventory is $800, the company's working capital will increase by $600 for each unit, because cash or accounts receivable will leverage.

Rent contract advance

The rental contract advance is an operation of credit assignment from the rental contract. That is, the purchase and sale of the right to obtain al manufactured futures from a lease.

prepayment of receivables for real estate projects

The anticipation of real estate receivables is prepared through the assignment of credit rights to the financial institution that will advance the customer portfolio. With that, it becomes a great way for builders and/or developers to leverage financial resources for various purposes.

long term credit

Long-term credit can be said to be debt that has a maturity of more than one year. As such, it is obtained from a financial institution as a term loan or through the sale of negotiable securities, which are sold to a number of institutional and private creditors.

Duplicate discount

Duplicate discount is an advance of capital prepared by the bank, on securities values ​​such as duplicates and promissory notes. Thus, with the discount of trade bills, the customer receives in advance the resources of a installment sale.


CCB, or Bank Credit Bill, is a credit instrument issued by an individual or legal entity for the purpose of a financial institution or similar entity. It represents the quality of payment in cash after a credit operation.


CDB, or Bank Deposit Certificate, is a loan with your money to the bank. Through it, you receive a rate of return that is defined at the time of purchase. Such capitation strategy is intended to finance the issuing bank's activities, from projects, to providing growth and debt settlement.


LCI, or Real Estate Credit Bill, is a fixed income financial product. In other words, when investing in the Real Estate Credit Bill, the tendency is for the investor not to have many surprises until the value is redeemed.


LCA, or Agribusiness Letter of Credit, is a fixed income investment propagated in a portfolio of loans related to the agricultural sector. The LCA can be pre-fixed or post-fixed, in the latter case, the pegging to the DI Rate is very common.


CRI, or Real Estate Receivables Certificates, are registered, book-entry and transferable credit securities, backed by real estate credits. With it, the credit right to the investor is provided. In this way, you will be entitled to receive a certain amount from the issuer or in the event of maturity of the bond, you will receive back the entire amount invested.


CRA, or Agribusiness Receipt Certificate, is a fixed income security that can be part of your portfolio. This fixed income bond is tax free and works similarly to CRIs. Being also securitized bonds, however, they are linked to agribusiness.

Anticipation to Suppliers

Alternative for your suppliers and for your working capital and term extension needs. Be sure to check out our advance options.

Credit operations

Complete line of credit products with exclusive rates and differentiated conditions to expand your company's business. According to your company's needs, Marvel has differentiated rates and products that fit your business.

Capital market

We offer our clients advisory services in raising funds from investors in the market. With a team focused exclusively on this service, we advise our clients throughout the entire process.

Derivatives and Exchange

Derivatives operations can reduce the risks of companies that are exposed to variations in prices, indices and rates in their financial operations. Marvel offers a diverse portfolio of products for your business.


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