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While you think of more efficient ways to manage your resources, we bring you the best technological and financial solutions for your business to grow. To accompany your need to make quick decisions, we work in your time, with the transparency and dynamism that the market demands.

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LCI, or Real Estate Credit Bill, is a fixed income financial product. In other words, when investing in the Real Estate Credit Bill, the tendency is for the investor not to have many surprises until the value is redeemed.


CRI, or Real Estate Receivables Certificates, are registered, book-entry and transferable credit securities, backed by real estate credits. With it, the credit right to the investor is provided. In this way, you will be entitled to receive a certain amount from the issuer or in the event of maturity of the bond, you will receive back the entire amount invested.

Anticipation to Suppliers

Alternative for your suppliers and for your working capital and term extension needs. Be sure to check out our advance options.

Credit operations

Complete line of credit products with exclusive rates and differentiated conditions to expand your company's business. According to your company's needs, Marvel has differentiated rates and products that suit your business.

Capital market

We offer our clients advisory services in raising funds from investors in the market. With a team focused exclusively on this service, we advise our clients throughout the entire process.

Derivatives and Exchange

Derivatives operations can reduce the risks of companies that are exposed to variations in prices, indices and rates in their financial operations. Marvel offers a diverse portfolio of products for your business.


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