The IPO remains an initial public offering in which a company's shares are sold to the general public on a stock exchange for the first time. It is the process by which a company becomes a publicly traded company.

It is also the IPO when a company invests in a ballot box, which makes investors invest in the purchase of its shares.

the type of new companies

According to Phil Mackintosh, a recent study indicates that the first IPO returns to a positive return for media returns (as it's called a pop IPO). Therefore, it was mainly taken into account during the opening. It is also observed that factors such as: if the placement price does not exceed the limit, it tends to indicate how the fantasy will return after the first day. However, it is also very unpredictable when it comes to pricing new companies, such as the price that these companies put on the list.

Marvel IPO

why does a company make ipo?

The main objective of the IPO is to raise funds to make investments, that is, intelligently promote the growth of the business. For those who have the recurrence of investing in the Stock Exchange, the IPO can represent an opportunity to buy shares at strategic moments and thus profit from the company's growth.

What is needed to go public in a company?

To be part of companies listed on the Stock Exchange, it is necessary to go public. When going public, the company chooses its listing segment, according to its objectives and the characteristics of the field in which it operates.

what are the first steps of WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE AN IPO?

1 - Establish the company's valuation parameters and its corporate history;

2 - Prepare the offering prospectus or memorandum and the Management Discussion and Analysis document;

3 - Define the ideal structure of the offer (including fiscal problems).


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